Sino-Euro Materials Technologies of Xi'an Co., Ltd. (Sino-Euro), a subsidiary of the Northwest Institute for Non-ferrous Metal Research. Sino-Euro is on the cutting edge of technology. Specializing in powder metallurgy, Prealloy Spherical SS-PREP(R) Powder, Additive Manufacturing Wire, and HIP service & components.

Located in Xi’an, the starting point of the Belt and Road, Sino-Euro focuses on connectivity, developing multi-layered cooperation, and achieving mutual gains for business partners.



Sino-Euro is committed to being a valued supplier, providing high quality and reliable products to not only meet customer expectations but to exceed them. Sino-Euro also knows that each customer has different business needs and customizes orders to meet them. Sino-Euro is committed to continuing our bleeding-edge powder metallurgy research.



“Innovation and Cooperation” is the core principle of Sino-Euro. As a high-tech company we know the contribution of our innovative employees is essential. We continuously strive to improve our techniques and products to reach solutions for our customers.

We nourish a harmonious working environment in which each employee is an expert and willing to help others. We believe that cooperation between employees and business needs will help the company develop steadily and rapidly into the future.



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